Zagreb – The Capital of Croatia

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City of Zagreb is cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative center of the Republic of Croatia with seat of Parliament, President and Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Written documents first mention Zagreb in 1094, with finding of Diocese. In 1242, Zagreb (then Gradec) was proclaimed Free Town of the Kingdom by the Golden Bull of Croatian-Hungarian King Bela IV. In 1557, Zagreb was for the first time mentioned as the capital. In 1669, Jesuits find first Academy. The year is taken as the year of establishment of the University of Zagreb. In 1776, Croatian Government moves from Varaždin to Zagreb. On June 25, 1991, Croatian Parliament proclaims independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb becomes the capital.

– The City of Zagreb, capital of the Republic of Croatia, is a unit of local administration and at the same time of regional administration at county level
– The City’s organization and scope of activities are regulated by the Act of the City of Zagreb
– The City of Zagreb is a legal entity represented by the mayor
– The City performs duties within its sphere of powers as both city and county, and other duties in compliance with the law
– Duties of the State Administration within the scope of the Office in the unit of regional administration, and other duties of the State Administration regulated by pertinent law in the City are performed, pursuant to law, by administrative bodies of the City
– The City is independent in decision-making within its sphere of powers pursuant to the Constitution, the law and this Statute
– The City of Zagreb reserves powers and duties as both city and county

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